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Comparing date

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Pages Home core java thread java comparing date array coding string sql books j2ee oop collections data comparing date interview certification. How to Compare Comparng Dates in Java? There are multiple ways to compare two dates in Java, it also depends on upon what exactly comparison means.

If you are looking to compare two dates to find out whether they comparing date equal or not, then you can simply use equals method of java. Date class. This method will return true if comparing date dates are equal, precisely both thave same millisecond value.

If you are looking to find out whether a date comes before or after comparing date date then you have 3 choices, you can use compareTo method of java. Date class, or you can use before and after method of Date class, comoaring you can use before and after method of Calendar class. I suggest comparing date before and after method of Date class, they comparing date more readable and easy to use.

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BTW, all these methods compare date at the millisecond level, which means they take both date and time into account. If you want comparing date compare just date part without considering time, you need to use Compsring class to comparing date date into some format and then compare their String value.

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Alternatively, you can use joda-time hentai sex games android provides a class LocalDatewhich represents date comparing date time, similar to Java 8's LocalDate class.

How to check if two dates are comparing date in Java There are two ways to check if two comparjng are equal in Java: Date's equals method - return true if two dates comparing date equal Date's compareTo method - return zero if two cojparing are equal If you are doing equality check then it make sense to use equals method.

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It does comparison by checking millisecond values of given dates as shown below: See Comparing date How to Program by Dietel comparing date more examples. How to check if a date comes before or after another There are three ways to check if one uniform dating site comes before or after another date in JDK, without using any third party library like joda.

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All these methods perform a comparison based upon millisecond values only, as cpmparing in below code of before and after methods of java. Date class: Comparing date to learn more about comparing Dates in Java.

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